Content sources for Government support for UK businesses during the coronavirus pandemic– as at 30 March 2020


Business owners should take advice from an expert commercial solicitor on specific contracts and how the issues set out could apply to their own business.


There are a number of sources of information on the internet that can be consulted for more general guidance some of which will be updated on a regular basis.  General guidance can be found by navigating from


Sources of specific support are listed below in alphabetical order by topic and include:

  • Accommodation providers:

  • Bank lending:

  • Business loan interruption scheme:

  • Business rates:

  • Business rates review:

 Business rents:

  • Business support grant funding:

  • Businesses trading internationally:

  • Compulsory closure of businesses:–2

  • Corporate financing facility:

  • Data protection

  • Essential travel:

  • Financial support:

  • Job retention scheme

  • Landlord and tenant

  • Late filing of accounts:

  • Laying workers off:

  • Legislation

  • Mass gatherings:

  • Mortgage lending forbearance:

  • MoT testing for vehicles:

  • Operating as a food take away business:

  •  Public Health England dashboard:<

  • Regulations

  • Statutory sick pay

  • Staying at home:

  • Travel update:

  •  Universal credit


The contents of this article are for the purposes of general awareness only. They do not purport to constitute legal or professional advice.