Our History

We are proud of our history and happy to shout about it! We have, after all, been around since 1726 when the sole partner at the time, Richard Willis, took the first steps and created the strong foundations to which the firm has thrived on.

In 1894, with the addition of Pemberton Ernest John Talbot, the firm became Footner, Son and Talbot. The name Talbot survives at the firm today, which continues to trade from the same premises.

In 1932, Goronwy Davies took over the practice, opening the firm to new opportunities. In the 1930s the firm was responsible for the Andover Charity Trustees and was also the Burial Authority and the Clerk to the Borough Magistrates. In addition, the firm acted as the main agent for Sun Insurance for over 250 years and other insurance companies including General Accident and Phoenix.

David Copner joined the firm in 1950 and the firm became known as Talbot, Davies and Copner.
The hardships of the Second World War had much influence on the development of the business. New industry came to Andover town and with it an increase in population and housing. Responding to the social change of the town the firm adapted and developed expertise in specialist areas of law but also strove to retain its character and its solid and loyal client base, more fondly known as Andoverians.

Throughout the years, our firm has also played an important part in the Court Leet and Baron of Stockbridge, Hampshire. The Court Leet was a historical Court of record and its duty was not only to view the pledges but also to try by jury, and punish, all crimes committed within the jurisdiction. It also developed as a means of proactively ensuring that standards in such matters as food, drink and agriculture, were adhered to. The Administration of Justice Act 1977 saw a substantial decrease in the jurisdiction of the Court Leet but it continues today with regard to the administration and settlement of disputes over the open field system of farming. The firm continues to hold the position of The Steward to the Lord of the Manor.

Simon Walker joined the firm in 1983 and brought about the firm’s move into the age of Information Technology. A more modern approach certainly but implemented with an appreciation of the traditional values upon which the firm had been so soundly built and one that ensures the firm’s position at the leading edge of legal services provision.

In 1991, the firm became Talbot Walker Solicitors, more recently converted into a Limited Liability Partnership. The firm continues to serve the local community by providing a family orientated service, often dealing with successive generations of each family as the years pass. The firm has achieved this by retaining its best staff (often into retirement) and keeping their unrivalled local knowledge intact. Always with an eye on the future the firm continued developing its expertise in areas including Corporate Law, Commercial and Residential Property.

The legal world has come a long way since 1726 and the change in the firm’s status reflects a continuing commitment to developing the range and quality of services available to our clients.