According to its 2012 report the Office for National Statistics estimates that 42% of all marriages in England and Wales end in divorce.  Most divorces occur within 10 years of marriage and it appears to be true that the younger the wedded couple the more likely the marriage is to fail.

It also seems our marital lives can reflect the changing seasons. Whilst December is the month to be merry January is notorious in the world of family law for change and often divorce.   Be it the stress of a family Christmas or simply the start of a New Year it is certain that January is the busiest time for family lawyers.

Thankfully once the decision to separate is made the process for divorce is relatively quick and simple.  Family lawyers are sensitive to the turmoil that the divorcing couple are experiencing and do not wish to compound that.

Looking after the children’s interests is at the forefront of every parent’s mind and this is mirrored by the approach of the family law courts.

But what of a separating couples’ finances?  This all too often is the cause of significant conflict, delay and ultimately unnecessary expenditure.   The Court will apply a simple concept of fairness when dividing a couples’ assets but at the time of separation the divorcing couple often fail to see the matter as either simple or fair.  This is why the help of an experienced solicitor can be so valuable.

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